Rice Moist Heat Packs


Corn Moist Heat Packs and Rice Moist Heat Packs

Corn Moist Heat PacksWelcome to pain relief central ... Heavenly Heat Online.

We specialize in organic moist rice heat packs and moist corn heat packs to relieve tension, fatigue and pain.

Moist heat hot packs work with organic penetrating heat. Besides offering a variety of organic products ranging from our most popular moist heat/freezer comfort packs, we offer a relaxing and soothing bath and body line for adults and children. Our comfort moist heat packs feature a durable high quality polar fleece shell and organic corn or rice filling.

We offer some great self-help tips and projects that you can do with little fuss in the help yourself section of our site.

Rice Moist Heat Packs vs. Corn Moist Heat Packs

While looking for organic materials that would provide the highest moisture content, we chose a high density hybrid corn. The corn product has a long shelf life and is highly durable. We not only
liked the moisture it produced but also the weight and texture of the end product.

Discover The Comforting Benefits Of Our "Stress Less" Products

Whether you're looking to ease away arthritis pain, migraine pain, sinus pressure, muscle soreness or stress, our products can help. Our products are also used as weights for adults and children with Sensory Integration Dysfunction and Autism. Stress Buster! and Stress Relief On-The-Go ...

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