Rice Moist Heat Packs

We feel fortunate to be in the "comfort business"; there are always challenges in any business but all of us here at 'Heavenly Heat find great satisfaction in knowing that what we do is literally a comfort to our customers. We love getting the terrific feedback that we do from folks who enjoy the results of our efforts and it is particularly gratifying to hear from those who are finding relief from various debilitating illnesses by using our products.

The following comments are from actual letters or emails our customers have sent in:

Dear Maryjane,
Just to let you know that the Toast Teddy I received last Friday and mailed over to Britain on Saturday, arrived today and was greatly appreciated in his new home. Thank you.

Simon R., Ph.D.
Department of Pathology and Microbiology,
University of Nebraska Medical Center

Omaha, NE"

"Hi my name is Erika. I love your products. I bought several wraps from my local day spa. Thank you very much. Keep up the great work, your products are life saving!

Sincerely, Erika"

"Yes, it's me again. I used two of the long pads on my knees. They are great! Yesterday, when I talked to you, I ordered another extra long pad. Would you make that in the solid navy color like the one you already sent me. I've decided that my father needs 2 of them. Could you please add 2 of your Massage mittens, (MM). My father has rheumatoid arthritis and he told me that he used the 2 walkabouts I gave him for is birthday on his hands and they really helped. So of course, I remembered your mittens and decided to get him a couple for Xmas, along with the pads. He's a great guy and anything I can do to make him more comfortable I will, thanks to your company. Thanks for all your help. I really do appreciate it. It must feel nice to be able to help so many people with chronic pain! You should feel really proud of that fact. Most Doctors can't even do it. You have helped me so much with your products there are no words to say how much I appreciate you and your company.

My father has rheumatoid Arthritis and the walkabouts help him, too. He's one of the people who are always wanting to borrow my Walkabouts. I'd really like to give him one or two of the new pads that I have ordered from you for Christmas.

Hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was spent in bed with my walkabouts. Thanks for making my life easier just by creating those walkabouts. Thanks doesn't seem like a lot, especially, since the walkabouts make my life easier to cope with the chronic pain, most of the time.

Feel free to quote me in your promotional literature in the future. You might not have thought about this but your products give relief and they also give a person with severe pain a form of hope. With hope anything is possible. I mean this with much sincerity!

Kim V."

"I just wanted to thank you for all you help. I have really bad chronic pain in my legs and back. Sometimes, the only thing that stops me from going insane are those Walkabouts. Trust me, that is not an over statement.

Your product is by far the best on the market. The fleece material holds the heat in much longer than the ones that are made with the cotton material. My friends and parents are always asking me where I got mine from. So I'm being nice and getting them so they will stop wanting to borrow mine.

Thank you for your advice! I warmed it up and tried it out and it is a great heating pad! Thank you for responding to my question so quickly and thank you for your concern!

Sincerely, Esther S."

Dear Maryjane,
Little did I know, when I got the heat pacs from you that I'd be using them as much as I have ever since I got to Va. Beach. To make a long story short, I not only had sciatica but find, from an MRI, that I have a ruptured disc. Man, the pain is constant and agonizing. I have practically worn the heat pacs constantly. They are so soothing and I have kept them on my leg and back from morning 'til night. I wish I had a body suit made of them!! They hold the heat for a long time. My sister loved the teddy bear I gave to her.

I am so happy to have the square and the walkabout for my own use. Believe me, when I got to Va. Beach, after about 14 hours in the car, my old body was pretty numb. I used both heating pads and the relief was incredible! I use them day and night and they have helped a headache like pain that runs down one leg. It's amazing how they really do release moisture when heated.

Until later,

"Dear Heavenly Heat,
Thank you so much . . . The truth is, I have fallen totally in love with my bear. I've heard about your company and like it to so much . . . that you are in New Hampshire and you make the fine products that you do. I am very happy with the bear!

If you do sell to individuals, could you let me know? And if you don't, could you let me know of other stores that carry your wonderful work in this seacoast area? Thanks very much.

Thanks so much,
Mekeel M."

"I am very interested in your products. Would you please send me more information? Need to order yet another Walkabout! Somehow on a recent trip mine "took a walk!" I can't be without it for my neck pain.


"Betty F. once told me that menstrual cramps (and morning sickness, if you can believe that!) were not physiological but psychological, because men had dominated women for so long. I argued the point because I've had both and, believe me, it's not in anyone's head! I was a svp in public relations in my past life (before I had all four of my kids) so I can't resist when I see a good product. The trauma and abuse survivor angle is also a good one - the teddies really are an original and useful get-well gift for anyone . . . I'd love to send one to friends who have the flu with a container of homemade chicken soup or to a hospital patient in lieu of the same-old flowers.


"Hi, I just purchased 2 of your adorable toasty teddies online - I just saw one on Martha's Vineyard and it was perfect. By the way, I wonder if you've considered marketing these teddies to mothers of young girls just getting their periods. Many girls are reaching menarche earlier than ever - often at 10 or 11 - and a toasty teddy would be a gentle way to celebrate and ease this transition. Several catalogs I receive suggest getting the girl a bracelet or memento to "mark" the event (the Chinaberry catalog and its counterpart come to mind). Your product seems so much sweeter and more practical. Despite the physiological maturation, these girls are definitely not yet women. I'd rather provide something soothing that reminds her that though her body is changing, she's still a little girl and has plenty of time to grow up.

Laurette H."

"I'm a massage therapist living in Baltimore and for the last few years a friend, Nancy V. and I have combined orders for Toasty Teddies. I need to order some now for holiday gifts.

Thanks so much.
Lissa W."

"Got it! Thanks so much! You can't imagine what a lifesaver the sac is for my mother in the nursing home!

Marcia G."

Comments made after ordering Square's & Toasty Teddy Paks:

"Our family of six fights over them! We need to have two more before we collapse from the stress of fighting over them. Many thanks for your help making it through the winter. No longer do we discuss whether the heat should be at 68 degrees or 60. Your product is THE BEST!!!!!

Allison D."

"I bought myself a 'Heavenly Heat' & I absolutely love it! I use hot and cold. I want to buy another. Do you sell them anywhere in MA or RI? If not, could I order one by mail? Thanks.

Jacqueline C."

"Dear Sir,
I was given a 'Heavenly Heat' for a gift. It's wonderful! Please send me a price list and information on other products you carry.

Thank you."
Pauline F."

"It was a pleasure meeting you at the show. I am totally addicted to my heat pac. I use it every night. Best of luck and take care.

Betina C."

"I was given one of your Heavenly Heat Comfort Pads & friends are asking where they can purchase one. Please send this information.

Rita V."

"All are anxiously awaiting their 'Walkabouts'. They made a real big hit here.

Ellen W."

On the memo line of a check sent in payment for products:


"I purchased 3 of your 'Heavenly Heat' in Manchester. Since I have severe bone problems, I use them quite frequently and love them. I gave one to a friend and she loves hers also. Also enclosed is a check from a friend who wants two. I will probably have more order for you too. Thank you.

Natole A."

"Hi! How can I get another Heat Pad? I bought 5 and need another.

Violet D."

"As always, these make a big hit at our (surgical) center. My two 'old' ones are going strong, but I'd like an Eye Pillow for my sinuses. Also: 1 Walkabout and a peppermint (scent sac).

Ellen W."

After ordering the All-Purpose Square:

"Enjoyed using my daughters' while visiting in Manchester NH.

Joan J."

"I purchased one of your heating pads . . . I am very interested in buying 2 more for Christmas. Thank you.

Denise R."

"Please send my friend information on your neck warmers. I bought one in September. It's great.

Janice S."

"To: Heavenly Heat,

My mom ordered one of your heat mitts. When she came to visit, she brought it with her, I used it, fell in love with it . . . I just have to have one. You see I'm a migraine sufferer and it really did help me.

Leane D."

"I bought one of your 'Teddy Bears'. Cutest little guy and real nice to have around when you are ailing. Now I need something for my poor little eyes!

Lorraine L."

"Hi there. I got one of your brochures which mentions the Website. Lo and Behold! Under 'Retail Shops' I found one an hours' drive away (it'll be worth it!) Hope they have several Walkabouts to choose from because I've thought of all kinds of folks to give these to as gifts! Can hardly wait to enjoy one myself!

Bye for now.
Vicki F."

"Dear Sir:
I purchased your Heavenly Heat Massage Mitt and love it. Could you please send me a catalog of your other merchandise? Thank you.

Loretta G."

"Thanks again, and we are showing the products to friends, guests, etc. Actually one of the new ones will be going to a friend who visited us recently . . . she had pulled a muscle in her back near her shoulder. So I popped one in the microwave and placed it on her shoulder. She could not believe the results.

Mary A."

"Bought two Massage Mitts, my friends are crazy about them . . . would like to buy two more . . . Is it possible to order thru you, and do you have catalogue? Your response to this will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Patty E."

"More than one person on my Christmas list will be getting some Heavenly Heat. Thank you for the quick response to my last email. I'm looking forward to seeing the other items you offer.

Laura M."

Follow up:

"I ordered one of your Massage Mitts and I think it is terrific. I would like to purchase 2 more but (my local retailer) is sold out.

Laura M."

"Hi, I am looking to buy your 'Heavenly Heat' Massage Mitt. Where might I find them in the NYC area (lower Manhattan). Thanks.


"I purchased two 'Heavenly Heat' Massage Mitts sometime ago from (my local retailer). I thought my father who is bedridden would find them comforting. Well, they have been used every single day and now I have a request for more. Also, do you have any other similar products? I would greatly appreciate any reply. Thank you!

Maryann M."

"This summer I was in NH at a store in North Conway and purchased two of your neck products. I was very impressed with them and how effective they were in helping me with a difficult neck strain. My wife had purchased them as a gift for relatives, but a neighbor had some neck difficulties and we let her try it. It worked so well for her that she bought it from us. My daughter whom we just visited in Florida stole mine that I had brought down with us, stole it after she tried it. Now, having had two of your neck units, I have none.

I am interested in purchasing one of them and would like to know if there are stores that might be closer to me in MA that I might be able to obtain them

Miller K."

"On behalf of the staff, board of directors and volunteers here at Child and Family Services of NH, I want to thank you for your donation of two 'Heavenly Heat' comfort packs to our event. They have captured much attention from staff and are sure to bring the highest bid possible at our auction.

Kathy L."

"Received my order today. Thanks a lot. They all are so nice... Teddy Bear is gorgeous. So happy with them all. Thanks again.

Patricia W."

"Thanks so much! I'm sure they will 'fly off the shelf' again!

Diana D."

"Dear Friends,
Having been given a Heavenly Heat Pac for Christmas, I also have one for my mother who is in a nursing home. I heat it up every night and she takes it to bed to warm her feet or whatever. She loves it!

Celia P."

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